Chiang Mai the capital of Northern Thailand is situated between two mountain chains, and enjoys cool temperatures in the winter monsoon season and dry hot weather from May to August. 
As the old capital of the Lanna Kingdom the city has many historical sites to visit, including the ancient city surrounded by the old wall and the canal in the old town. Since then the city has grown through the centuries and has today become a modern university city that caters for locals and also both the student and expat community that has grown over the last 10-15 years. 
After spending your days around the city and the nearby area we recommend that you also try some of the local food. Traditional Lanna food is consumed sitting on the floor by a low table. This kind of dining is also known as Kantok. The food is typically served with sticky rice, or Kao Nieaw like they call it here in Thailand, and the reason it is so sticky is because this kind of rice has an exceptional high content of gluten. With the sticky rice, the lanna people like to have different kinds of dips, soups and salads. The majority of the dishes are made from fresh herbs and vegetables with some meat (traditionally pork or chicken). The most famous dips are “Nam Prik Nom” and “Nam Prik Ong”, the salads are Lap Moo.

Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street Market, starts around 14:00 and lasts until 22:00, with local craft persons operating stalls along Rajdumnern Road on the inner-east side of the moat near Tapae Gate. The street is blocked off from traffic so there is plenty of room to walk. Unlike the sellers on Chang Khlan Road, who peddle many fake designer goods, excellent handmade items are displayed and sold. At the 5 temples on this road you can enjoy real Northern Thai food and snacks .
Being an international community Chiang Mai also has every kind of food you could desire from Thailand and around the world, if you need help in finding the right place and setting for your dinners during your stay please contact our concierge staff who will be more than happy to recommend somewhere for you.

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